At Smart Beginnings meetings the parents enjoy three healthy meals, participate in one hour of group therapy, a two-hour class taught by a professional and an afternoon of bonding through story time and play. All our programs are held in a natural, healing environment.

The Program includes:

• Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Birth weight

• Lactation Education

• Dealing with a Crying Baby

• Preventing “Shaken Baby” Syndrome

• Planned Parenthood

• Infant Growth, Development and Nutrition

• Respectful Parenting-Parenting from Inside Out


• Mindfulness

• Anger Management/CBT

Ending the cycle of poverty, teenage pregnancy, and abuse is possible and we are doing it, one baby, at a time. Please consider what life is like for teenage girls who come from the most tragic of circumstances: often raped, poor, abused, alone, but with the capacity and desire to become good mothers and the determination to end this cycle with their babies. Please consider contributing in whatever way you can to give the opportunity to these deserving babies and their mothers who have so little. Together, through Smart Beginnings, we can improve the world one baby at a time. It could be the single most effective act of charity in your life.


What is a Sponsor?

Sponsors are generous donors who make a commitment to help our parents reach their dreams of attaining successful pregnancies, births, bonding, and parenting until their child is of school-age and beyond.

What is a Sponsor’s commitment?

We ask sponsors to sign a pledge agreement for their donation which may be paid in advance or quarterly. In return, you will receive a profile and then yearly updates on your family. If you sponsor a family, you will receive a profile and an annual letter from your family.

Why is Sponsorship so important?

It is incredibly motivating for our parents to know that someone special cares about them and has a personal interest in their future.

Who can become a Sponsor?

You! Or, anyone you know who believes that all of our youth deserve equal-opportunity in life. In some cases, several people, or a company or business may join together to sponsor a family.

Honor a loved one by making a donation in their name. Give the gift you know will please everyone. Make a special donation to Smart Beginnings in honor of or in memory of a special person in your life.

Your sponsorship guarantees our families access to Smart Beginnings parenting education and support, tuition for pre-school so that mothers can get a High School education, a car seat, crib, stroller, high chair, clothes, toys, baby formula, food, diapers, and other must-haves. Archangel Sponsors will receive updates from the mother they are sponsoring for up to five years.

Archangel..................$50,000 and up




FAIRY GODMOTHER....... $1,500


Every donation is greatly appreciated.

No amount is too small.

Remember, Smart Beginnings-Easy Preventions is a charitable organization 501(C)3 and your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Federal Tax I.D.#: 26-3410234

“If I didn’t have this program I don’t know what I’d do. I can’t thank the people who run the program enough, it means the world of difference.”—Cicely