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Every year in the United States 1 million underprivileged teenagers become pregnant.
What becomes of their babies?
30,000 die every year because they did not weigh enough to sustain life. The United States' infant mortality rate is higher than any other developed nation's.
Every day in the United States, 2-3 children under the age of five are killed by a parent or foster parent.
The future for most babies born to poor teenagers is, sadly, grim. They are often destined to grow up and repeat the cycle of poverty, teen pregnancy, child abuse, and continued poverty.
Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions is PREVENTATIVE. We prevent child abuse, infant mortality/malnutrition, illiteracy, and subsequent pregnancy through our seven-year parenting .
By working with a population of already pregnant teens, we are able to increase and encourage early maternal/fetal bonding and prenatal mothering. This helps prevent abuse.
We are also able to teach the teens about the importance of prenatal nutrition and vitamins. The goals: a healthy full term pregnancy; elimination of infant mortality, and prevention of child abuse.
We emphasize literacy by teaching the mothers to read to their babies every day.
Why? To ensure that the babies can achieve parity with their classmates when they begin kindergarten.
A Smart Beginnings “group” usually consists of ten young women. Some also have older children and these children are also welcome to participate in the program.
A group begins with a 3-day pregnancy retreat in a beautiful natural setting in the Santa Monica Mountains in Pacific Palisades, California. The next classes are once a month. Transportation and three are provided. Group members are given a $25 stipend for every month they breast feed and for each class they attend.
You can help with this program by making a donation through the following 2 choices:
1.  Sponsorship / Contributors
Your sponsorship guarantees our families access to Smart Beginnings parenting education and support, for pre-school so that mothers can get a High School education , a car seat, crib, stroller, high chair, clothes, toys, baby formula, food, diapers and other must-haves. Archangel Sponsors will receive updates from the mother they are sponsoring for up to five years.
ARCHANGEL .....................................$50,000 and up
ANGEL ..............................................$10,000
BUTTERFLY ......................................$5,000
DRAGONFLY.................................... .$2,500
FAIRY GODMOTHER......................... $1,500
MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER................. $500
Every amount is appreciated – no amount is too small.
Please make your full donation by check and payable to Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions.
Mailing address is:

Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions
 855 Via de la Paz, Suite 1
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 
___ My employer matches charitable contributions.
The charitable matching form will be sent to Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions for completion. 
Remember, Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions is a charitable organization 501(C)3 and your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Federal Tax I.D.#: 26-3410234 
PLAYFUL MOON: Join a little girl on her charming journey as she and her dog discover the, joy, the light, the dance and the friendship of the moon, before she drifts off into a sweet slumber.
100% of the sale of this delightful bedtime story will go to the non-profit organization SMART BEGINNINGS / EASY PREVENTIONS: A teenage pregnancy, parenting, and prevention program
All of the mothers in the program are educated in mindful/respectful parenting, Hypnobirthing, lactation, dealing with a crying baby, anger management, preventing shaken baby syndrome, planned parenthood, money management, and
CRIBS, etc.
Cribs 4 Kids newborn – Graco Pac ’N Play $50Walmart: Costco Funsport Travel Playard around $50 
Crib after 6 mos old: Walmart Baby Mod Olivia $265 only comes in white. 3 in one -grows with baby, becomes a toddler bedCrib: Europe Baby Palisades lifetime $350 (comes in dark wood only)
Pac ‘N Play or Playard: Crib mattress should not be more than 2 inches thick and should fit snugly in crib unit. Much safer and can prevent SIDS.

DO NOT PURCHASE with bassinette or changing table on top - dangerousTight fitting sheets on Amazon ( not Pac ‘N Play sheets as they do not fit tightly) 
No blankets, toys, quilted sheets, sheepskin or bumpers in the crib. 
Infant MUST sleep on back alone in crib - no animal, dogs or cats in crib. Do not dress baby too warmly; no heat in house above 71 to 72 degrees F.
Sleep on back only. Supervised tummy time only.
NEVER let infant sleep in chair, couch or in bed or with an animal or someone else including parents.
No sleeping in bed with parents because babies have smothered.
Co sleepers questionable: Babies have slipped through crack between bed and sleeper. 
No toys or stuffed animals in crib, no blankets, no pillows, no bumpers.
Room should not be heated above 72°.
Supervised tummy time.
Space vaccinations – do your own research.
Fisher Price
Changing table- If you must but only with sides and straps.
Preferably, change baby on floor or bed and NEVER take hands off infant, can roll over and fall or smother.
Sleep wear: Halo – sleeveless sleep sack
Pacifiers: MAM cut out at nose and only after baby is nursing well, and only under supervision.
NO pacifier from 99 cent store
Breast pump: Medela
Ameda breast pump is #1, can be purchased at
Carseats Chicco Key Fit 30 $170 ( Includes car seat and base) Safest on the market
Always have Highway Patrol or fire station show you how to put base and seat in place; useless if put in incorrectly.
Chiicco Key Fit 30 caddy $100 (extra stroller/car seat base): Should have 2 (one for each parent’s car)
Ask Highway Patrol to put seat in for you or ask at fire station.
Ok after 6mos of age
          Sherpani Light
          Scoot a Baby

 (organic) – Others are safe, do your own research.
#1 Hiking lightweight carrier Sherpani
Babies have smothered, are very unsafe
Organic German available on Ebay
Phillips A Vent DECT SCD 510
When infant is crawling, toddler is walking you need to secure all TV’s and furniture that can fall on baby
No crawling in kitchen EVER; no need and can be unsafe.
DON’T turn your head for a second when infant is in tub - NEVER leave infant or toddler alone in tub for a second.

Check on for recalls
No blinds anywhere in house – many babies and toddlers have strangled; have curtains or shutters
None – are very unsafe.
Great but never leave baby alone in and do not use one bought before 2013.
The federal safety standards changed in 2013.
Certified safe brands are the following:
Dorel/Safety First
Fisher Price
Summer Infant
Safest is stationary activity center with springs in the legs
NO door frame jumpers
Kolcraft Wonder Bug OK
Turtle Tot Ok
Bike trailers are safer than bike seats.
Brand: Burley Solo (on Amazon)
          Adults: Echelon
          Youth Helmet: Bon Trager Solstice
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"Bringing Peace to the World
One Baby at a Time"
Program Director
Michelle Leclaire O'Neill, Ph.D., R.N.
310 454-0920
Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions
855 Via de la Paz, Suite # 1
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
To learn more, contact
Cassandra Gonzalez
310 454-0920
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